Schlagwort: EDPB

Art.-29-Arbeitsgruppe: Opinion 03 /2014 on Personal Data Breach Notification

Opi­ni­on 03/2014 on Per­so­nal Data Bre­ach Noti­fi­ca­ti­on:

25. März 2014

Artikel-29-Datenschutzgruppe: Opinion 01/2014 on the application of necessity and proportionality concepts and data protection within the law enforcement sector

Opi­ni­on 01/2014 on the app­li­ca­ti­on of neces­si­ty and pro­por­tio­na­li­ty con­cepts and data pro­tec­tion wit­hin the law enforce­ment sec­tor:

27. Februar 2014

Artikel-29-Arbeitsgruppe: Opinion 1/2006 on the application of EU data protection rules to internal whistleblowing schemes in the fields of accounting, internal accounting controls, auditing matters, fight against bribery, banking and financial crime

Opi­ni­on 1/2006 on the app­li­ca­ti­on of EU data pro­tec­tion rules to inter­nal whist­leb­lo­wing sche­mes in the fields of accoun­ting, inter­nal accoun­ting con­trols, audit­ing mat­ters, fight against bri­be­ry, ban­king and finan­ci­al crime:

1. Februar 2006

Artikel-29-Arbeitsgruppe: WP 104 zu Datenschutzfragen im Zusammenhang mit Immaterialgüterrechten

Arti­kel-29-Arbeits­grup­pe: WP 104 zu Daten­schutz­fra­gen im Zusam­men­hang mit Imma­te­ri­al­gü­ter­rech­ten:

18. Januar 2005