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BGer 6B_181/2018: Usa­bi­li­ty of poli­ce video record­ings in busi­ness pre­mi­ses on sus­pi­ci­on of theft 

In its ruling 6B_181/2018 of Decem­ber 20, 2018, the Federal Supre­me Court had to deci­de whe­ther video record­ings made by the poli­ce on the busi­ness pre­mi­ses of a com­pa­ny can be used as evi­dence. Due to sus­pi­ci­on of theft in his own busi­ness, the mana­ging direc­tor of the busi­ness con­cer­ned had filed a cri­mi­nal com­p­laint against unknown per­sons. The Solo­thurn Can­to­nal Police

FDPIC – Explana­ti­ons on video sur­veil­lan­ce in the workplace 

The employ­er is requi­red to pro­tect and respect the health and per­so­na­li­ty of the employee (Art. 328 Code of Obli­ga­ti­ons OR, SR 220). In the con­text of moni­to­ring, this means that sur­veil­lan­ce systems inten­ded to moni­tor a person’s beha­vi­or may not be used. If they are used for

FDPIC – Inter­net and e‑mail monitoring 

FDPIC explana­ti­ons on Inter­net and e‑mail moni­to­ring in the work­place: FDPIC – Inter­net and e‑mail moni­to­ring pri­va­te sec­tor – PDF: [pdf-embed­der url=“”] Federal Admi­ni­stra­ti­on – PDF: [pdf-embed­der url=“”]

FDPIC – Tele­pho­ne surveillance 

FDPIC explana­ti­ons on the sub­ject of tele­pho­ne sur­veil­lan­ce. PDF: [pdf-embed­der url=“”]