BayL­DA: Brief infor­ma­ti­on “Spring clea­ning in the pro­ce­s­sing directory”.

The Bava­ri­an Sta­te Office for Data Pro­tec­tion (BayL­DA) has issued a “Short infor­ma­ti­on” entit­led “Spring clea­ning of the pro­ce­s­sing direc­to­ry”. published, with a focus on the direc­to­ries of public aut­ho­ri­ties. The core state­ment is that a pro­ce­s­sing direc­to­ry must not only be crea­ted, but also regu­lar­ly main­tai­ned must be.

It is clear from the expl­ana­ti­ons, among other things, that the respon­si­ble per­son may choo­se “a rather glo­bal view”, i.e. keep the gra­nu­la­ri­ty of the ent­ries rela­tively low. Howe­ver, he must then also check whe­ther a new acti­vi­ty has an effect on the ent­ry, e.g. becau­se a new cate­go­ry of reci­pi­en­ts is added.

The fol­lo­wing state­ment is also nice:

Always keep in mind that kee­ping the pro­ce­s­sing direc­to­ry up to date is not a point­less job crea­ti­on mea­su­re, neither for the data pro­tec­tion offi­cers mana­ging the pro­ce­s­sing direc­to­ry nor for the mana­gers respon­si­ble for data pro­tec­tion. If the impres­si­on is other­wi­se, the data pro­tec­tion orga­nizati­on at the con­trol­ler in que­sti­on has not yet been suf­fi­ci­ent­ly optimized.




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