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BVGer, A‑7874/2015 – Greenpeace/KKW Leib­stadt: BGÖ; con­cept of offi­cial docu­ment; bea­ring of costs; duty of repla­ce­ment; publi­ca­ti­on on the internet. 

[Green­peace had sub­mit­ted a requ­est to the Swiss Federal Nuclear Safe­ty Inspec­to­ra­te ENSI at the end of 2014 for access to exhaust air data (so-cal­led EMI data) on the chim­ney of the Leib­stadt nuclear power plant (KKL). The­se data are used to assess radio­ac­ti­ve radia­ti­on in emer­gen­ci­es. During nor­mal ope­ra­ti­on, the radiation