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Mes­sa­ge on the amend­ment of the DPA/Accession Con­ven­ti­on 108 (19.2.2003, BBl 2002, 2101) 

Dis­patch on the amend­ment of the Federal Act on Data Pro­tec­tion (FADP) and on the Federal Decree on Switzerland’s acces­si­on to the Addi­tio­nal Pro­to­col of 8 Novem­ber 2001 to the Con­ven­ti­on for the Pro­tec­tion of Indi­vi­du­als with regard to Auto­ma­tic Pro­ces­sing of Per­so­nal Data, regar­ding super­vi­so­ry aut­ho­ri­ties and trans­bor­der data flows, of 19 Febru­a­ry 2003: