Data Act: com­pro­mi­se ver­si­on of the tri­lo­gue published

As a result of the nego­tia­ti­ons of the Data Act a com­pro­mi­se text is available in the tri­lo­gue. The tri­lo­gue nego­tia­ti­ons had alre­a­dy been con­clu­ded at the end of June (Media release), now the offi­ci­al text befo­re, via Insti­tu­te for Infor­ma­ti­on, Tele­com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons and Media Law by Prof. Tho­mas Hoeren.

A (colorful) del­ta view to the ori­gi­nal design is find here, and the over­view of the legis­la­ti­ve pro­cess (“Legis­la­ti­ve Train”). can be found here.




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