FDPIC – Data pro­tec­tion in fami­ly research

Con­duc­ting fami­ly rese­arch (genea­lo­gy) requi­res the inspec­tion of nume­rous pri­va­te papers or offi­cial docu­ments at various can­to­nal and federal aut­ho­ri­ties. Dif­fe­rent rules app­ly to inspec­tion and data pro­tec­tion, depen­ding on whe­ther inspec­tion of public regi­sters of pri­va­te legal tran­sac­tions (e.g. civil sta­tus regi­sters) or other offi­cial docu­ments is desi­red. First of all, a distinc­tion must be made as to whe­ther the genea­lo­gist is making inqui­ries among tho­se direct­ly con­cer­ned or in offi­cial documents.

Source: FDPIC – Data pro­tec­tion in fami­ly research