FDPIC rea­ches agree­ment with Micro­soft: Win­dows 10 will be adapted

Today (Janu­ary 11, 2017), the FDPIC announ­ced in a Media release announ­ced that Micro­soft would impro­ve the trans­pa­ren­cy of Win­dows 10 data pro­ce­s­sing on the recom­men­da­ti­on of the FDPIC.

In the cla­ri­fi­ca­ti­on of the facts regar­ding the Win­dows 10 ope­ra­ting system that pre­ce­ded the amica­ble sett­le­ment, the FDPIC criticized,

  • that the pri­va­cy set­tings page was too dif­fi­cult for users to find;
  • That it was too cum­ber­so­me for users to find the rele­vant expl­ana­to­ry pas­sa­ges in the pri­va­cy state­ment when chan­ging their pri­va­cy set­tings; and
  • that users would not be suf­fi­ci­ent­ly infor­med about the pro­ce­s­sing of their data (such as its sto­rage peri­od or the con­tent of the brow­ser data).

The recom­men­da­ti­ons of the FDPIC to make the set­tings page more infor­ma­ti­ve and to spe­ci­fy the infor­ma­ti­on on data pro­ce­s­sing will be imple­men­ted in the soft­ware releases of Win­dows 10 plan­ned for 2017 world­wi­de. What the set­tings page is expec­ted to look like can be found at here.

The FDPIC con­siders the agree­ment rea­ched to be groundbreaking:

The FDPIC con­siders the solu­ti­on achie­ved with Micro­soft, in par­ti­cu­lar the direct link to the rele­vant pas­sa­ges of the pri­va­cy state­ment and the opti­ons, to be the mini­mum stan­dard for appli­ca­ti­ons and ser­vices of other com­pa­nies. In future cla­ri­fi­ca­ti­ons, the FDPIC will mea­su­re the data pro­ce­s­sing ope­ra­ti­ons to be review­ed against the solu­ti­on achieved.




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