EU Com­mis­si­on: Infor­ma­ti­on and over­views on the GDPR

With date of Janu­ary 24, 2018, the EU Com­mis­si­on has Infor­ma­ti­on and over­views on the GDPR published:

At first glan­ce, the published infor­ma­ti­on con­ta­ins hard­ly any detail­ed infor­ma­ti­on and not­hing new. Con­tro­ver­si­al or open legal que­sti­ons are not cla­ri­fi­ed (even the refe­rence in the gui­dance that IP addres­ses are per­so­nal is hard­ly inten­ded for cla­ri­fi­ca­ti­on in con­text, but mere­ly a quo­te from reci­tal 30, which does not ans­wer the que­sti­on of the per­so­nal refe­rence of IP addres­ses). Some of the papers and info­gra­phics might be inte­re­st­ing as inspi­ra­ti­on for the design of pri­va­cy infor­ma­ti­on by com­pa­nies (or slides by consultancies).




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