Media review: Inter­view with the FDPIC (Insi­de IT) and artic­le on the fede­ral cloud (Repu­blic).

Insi­de IT has today 28.9.2022 published an inter­view with Adri­an Lob­si­ger, tit­led “Edöb: “If aut­ho­ri­ties only rely on pri­va­te expert opi­ni­ons, they can get a bloo­dy nose”. The lead of the artic­le is as follows:

The Fede­ral Data Pro­tec­tion Com­mis­sio­ner cri­ti­ci­zes law firms that pro­mi­se aut­ho­ri­ties secu­ri­ty when using US cloud ser­vices. In an inter­view, Adri­an Lob­si­ger descri­bes his view.

In addi­ti­on to the cloud issue, howe­ver, the inter­view also covers other topics, such as the role of the FDPIC under the revi­sed DPA:

You will also have to act ex offi­cio under the new data pro­tec­tion law. At the same time, many more cases will come your way, as some rest­ric­tions will no lon­ger apply.

Yes, in the future we will no lon­ger be able to limit our super­vi­si­on to syste­mical­ly rele­vant vio­la­ti­ons. We will now be able to issue rulings and stop data pro­ce­s­sing in the event of a vio­la­ti­on of the law. This will speed up our inter­ven­ti­ons, but they will also invol­ve more for­mal pro­ce­du­res: For exam­p­le, the data sub­jects must be heard ear­lier. I’m afraid we’ll hit a wall despi­te the addi­tio­nal posts. But we are doing ever­ything we can to ful­fill all services.

Yester­day Tues­day, the FDPIC also com­men­ted on its own site on the “Topic Ora­cle: Track­ing tech­no­lo­gies encroach on the pri­va­cy rights of Inter­net users” expres­sed.

Also today the Repu­blic a con­tri­bu­ti­on by Adri­en­ne Fiech­ter to the Bun­des­cloud with the tit­le “The Fede­ral Chan­cel­lery crea­tes facts in the cloud que­sti­on“published a report cri­ti­ci­zing the fact that the Fede­ral Chan­cel­lery signed the con­tracts with the cloud pro­vi­ders even though pro­ce­e­dings are pen­ding in this con­nec­tion and even though the­re is a que­sti­on as to whe­ther the­re is a legal basis for the out­sour­cing (see also here). The lat­ter issue is being dealt with by the Natio­nal Council’s Busi­ness Audit Com­mit­tee (GPK).




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