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Street View

FDPIC – WLAN net­work coverage 

In spring 2010, it beca­me known that Goog­le had also stored data from WLAN radio net­works in Switz­er­land during its came­ra tours for Street View. Our inve­sti­ga­ti­ons reve­a­led that the collec­tion of this data was not in com­pli­an­ce with data pro­tec­tion laws. Source: FDPIC – Collec­tion of WLAN networks

FDPIC – Federal Court deci­si­on on Goog­le Street View: fin­dings for the pro­ces­sing of per­so­nal data 

In its ruling of 31 May 2012 in the Goog­le Street View case (BGE 138 II 346), the Federal Supre­me Court sup­por­ted the posi­ti­ons of the FDPIC from its pre­vious recom­men­da­ti­on prac­ti­cal­ly in full. The cen­tral points of the deci­si­on are exp­lai­ned below. Source: FDPIC – Federal Court deci­si­on on Goog­le Street View:

FDPIC – Goog­le Street View / anony­miz­a­ti­on request 

In its ruling of May 31, 2012 (BGE 138 II 346 reci­tal 10.6.3), the Federal Court obli­ged Goog­le, among other things, to crea­te an easy-to-use objec­tion opti­on and to pro­vi­de a postal address in Switz­er­land for per­sons who wish to rai­se their objec­tion in wri­ting rather than via the Internet.Would