EU-Kom­mis­si­on: Ange­mes­sen­heits­ent­scheid vertagt

Die EU-Kom­mis­si­on hat den zunächst auf heu­te geplan­ten Ange­mes­sen­heits­ent­scheid ver­scho­ben. Im Zusam­men­hang mit dem heu­te ver­öf­fent­lich­ten Eva­lua­ti­ons­be­richt zur Umset­zung der DSGVO ist zu ent­neh­men, dass der Ange­mes­sen­heits­ent­scheid nicht getrof­fen wird, bevor der EuGH sein – auf den 16. Juli 2020 erwar­te­tes – Urteil in Sachen Schrems II gefällt hat:

Harnes­sing the full poten­ti­al of inter­na­tio­nal data trans­fers: Over the past two years, the Commission’s inter­na­tio­nal enga­ge­ment on free and safe data trans­fers has yiel­ded important results. This inclu­des Japan, with which the EU now shares the world’s lar­gest area of free and safe data flows. The Com­mis­si­on will con­ti­n­ue its work on ade­qua­cy, with its part­ners around the world. In addi­ti­on and in coope­ra­ti­on with the EDPB, the Com­mis­si­on is loo­king at moder­ni­s­ing other mecha­nisms for data trans­fers, inclu­ding Stan­dard Con­trac­tu­al Clau­ses, the most wide­ly used data trans­fer tool. The EDPB is working on spe­ci­fic gui­dance on the use of cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on and codes of con­duct for trans­fer­ring data out­side of the EU, which need to be fina­li­sed as soon as pos­si­ble. Given the Euro­pean Court of Justi­ce may pro­vi­de cla­ri­fi­ca­ti­ons in a judgment to be deli­ver­ed on 16 July that could be rele­vant for cer­tain ele­ments of the ade­qua­cy stan­dard, the Com­mis­si­on will report sepa­ra­te­ly on the exi­sting ade­qua­cy decis­i­ons after the Court of Justi­ce has han­ded down its judgment.




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