DSG 13

FDPIC – Collection 

Over­view of debt collec­tion Source: FDPIC – Debt collection

FDPIC – Data pro­tec­tion and rese­arch in general 

The­se explana­ti­ons are inten­ded for per­sons who con­duct rese­arch pri­va­te­ly or for a federal body, and for federal bodies that con­duct rese­arch them­sel­ves, com­mis­si­on third par­ties to do so, or for­ward per­so­nal data to rese­ar­chers. They do not app­ly to public bodies of the can­tons and

BGE 138 II 346 (Goog­le Street View) 

BGE 138 II 346 i.S. Goog­le Street View (also swiss­b­lawg): Rege­ste Daten­schutz­ge­setz, Art. 28 et seq. ZGB; gua­ran­tee of per­so­na­li­ty pro­tec­tion in the publi­ca­ti­on of per­so­nal data in Goog­le Street View. Com­pe­tence of the FDPIC (E. 3). Con­cept of per­so­nal data in rela­ti­on to